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Friday, February 15, 2013

Springy Day!

Most Spring-like day of the year so far, with temperatures above 55 deg. F, the bees were flying in clouds in front of the hives. They looked healthy, with no signs of the dreaded Nosema disease. It was a perfect time to put on syrup feed and even to take a quick look inside and to put on some protein supplement. Activity at this time of year can be influenced by various things, including whether or not the queen is laying or the basic temperament of the bees. Hive No. 2 contains Italian bees. From the outside, they were quiet, with no noticeable flight. Yet on inspection, their box was full of healthy workers! Maybe it was just not warm enough for their “Italian” dispositions. This was an unusual day, a good test of the air, but there will be cold, gloomy times ahead before the smell of the nectar flow arrives. Supplementary food will be welcome, should help fortify the glands of workers so they can rear more brood, keeping the queen busy.
Testing the air.
Hive 5, ready to roll.

Extra protein, more eggs.

Syrup gone, hungry bees, good sign!

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